We are Sunfyre. An activewear and athleisure brand based, designed and manufactured in Dubai. Sunfyre was born out of a dream to seek greatness in our lives, a dream to reach the unimaginable.

At Sunfyre, we know you have it in you to not only seek greatness, but to achieve it. Legends are created through tenacity, dedication and hard work. Sweat is the result of giving it all you’ve got.

Your journey to greatness is not always a straight line. Sunfyre is here to support you and your mission wherever it takes you. We help you create an environment of comfort and elevated luxury. Hard work doesn’t mean you should sacrifice on quality. If you want to be the best, you deserve to wear the best.

We only design sportswear that is engineered for premium comfort and first-rate success. Manufacturing every piece of attire locally in Dubai with the highest quality fabrics. Keeping both the comfort and performance of professional and local bodybuilders in mind. Set yourself up for domination with the kind of athleisure and sports apparel that is as ambitious as you are.

Seek Greatness with Sunfyre.

Sports are an integral part of building bridges between communities. With a focus on bodybuilding, we are dedicated to support athletes in multiple fields and help them reach their goals.

our workspace goals: excellence and happiness

At Sunfyre, we believe in teamwork, and in the outstanding results it brings. We aspire that each one of our company members is happy at their job, as well as all the athletes who represent us. A good working environment is essential to achieve the best possible results and having a team who is happy working with us, is the best possible way to ensure that all of our goals will be reached and all of our brand values will be respected.

Our five fundamental values are: passion for what we do, innovation, impeccable quality, vision for the future, and commitment to success.


At Sunfyre we Seek Greatness in every aspect of our lives. We never settle for anything less than our biggest dreams and goals. We are ready to move the world up and down to get where we want to be. Our mission is to inspire athletes and sports enthusiasts around the globe to seek greatness, whichever this might be.